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Quick Project FAQs

Most frequent questions and answers

Why is there a contract?

The contract outlines the requests you’ve made as the client and our responsibilities as the artists.  It also helps clarify any grey areas that might exist where we thought it was one way and you thought it was different.

Is there a required deposit?

Yes!  The deposit secures the artist’s time and makes sure that everyone stays focused on completing it by the deadline.  In certain circumstances we can circumvent the deposit but only with written approval first.

When does the project officially start?

Unless otherwise arranged, the project begins once the deposit has been made and the contract has been signed.  This is what officially launches the project.  Delays in these items could lead to deadline adjustments.

Wait, I have other questions!

Not a problem at all.  We’d be more than happy to help answer them for you.  Reach out to us however you prefer (phone or email) and we’ll talk you through any questions you have.  

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