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It all starts with communication.  We’ll talk about what it is you need and what we need to do to make it happen.  We can go over all of the details including quantities, colors, materials, and any other variables that might come into play.  If we have questions about your art, this is the stage at which they’ll come up.  We will want to make sure we can use it before we collect any money from you.  If you have any requests regarding the timeline, product fulfillment, etc. you would want to let us know during this phase.


We want you to know what your goods are going to look like.  That said, we will do our best to provide an accurate digital mockup for you to review and approve.  In the event that one is necessary, we can do a one off physical sample of certain items, but they can get expensive and don’t credit towards the cost of the order.  Apparel or poster mockups will show ink colors and print size.  All other mockups will be done by digitally placing your artwork on the item with sophisticated and well developed mockup files.  You must approve your mockup.  No part of the process starts until you do.




Once the mockup approval is given, the machine is put in motion.  Physical goods are ordered, and you go into the queue.  From start to finish, most of our items are on their way to you within 8-10 business days.  Some items like stickers or buttons have a faster turn around time.  Due to the volume of orders, we can’t take pictures during the process or pictures of the final product prior to shipping.  Many items are produced off site as well, so we wouldn’t have that ability anyway.

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