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Print Production

You Can't Buy Time

Don’t waste your days going from vendor to vendor to vendor, trying to remember six different order dates, different email addresses, who is making what and when it is supposed to show up.  Contact one company, interact with one team, have the peace of mind that everything is handled.  

With Atomsmasher, once you have initiated a project you can consider it done.  From artwork to final product and everything in between, we are meticulous about the details and will make sure it is right.


We’ve got you covered there too.  Our facilities are staffed to turn out everything from start up clothing brands all the way to corporate mega orders.  It’s a brilliant process that we are quite proud of.  

Regardless if you need shirts, buttons, stickers, hats, enamel pins, posters, pencils, patches, or any number of other things, we’ll get you what you need.  We are not in the business of letting our clients down.



Laser Accuracy

No seriously, lasers. All of our print equipment is equipped with laser placement guides to make sure the print goes where it is supposed to go.

Super Soft Prints

Say farewell to bullet proof t-shirts that stick to you on a hot day. Our prints are engineered to be soft regardless of what style you choose.

Pinpoint Separations

With a brilliant art staff, direct to screen equipment, and skilled printers, highly detailed designs are no problem at all. We love a good challenge!

Do it With Passion or Not at All

You're passionate about the things you do and believed in them enough to bring it to us. We owe you that same level of passion in what we do. We like to think we bring it.

standard sales

Print specials

We want you to get good stuff at a good price.

100 Ringspun Shirts

1 Color Front
$ 600 2X & Up are Extra
  • US Shipping Included!
  • Add an Extra Color for $50
  • We Select the Garment
  • No Discharge/Waterbase Fees!

100 Tri-Blend Shirts

1 Color Front
$ 850 2X & Up are Extra
  • US Shipping Included!
  • Add an Extra Color for $50
  • We Select the Garment
  • No Discharge/Waterbase Fees!

100 Basic Shirts

1 Color Front
$ 500 2X & Up are Extra
  • US Shipping Included!
  • Add an Extra Color for $50
  • We select the garment
  • No Discharge/Waterbase Fees!

when ink & shirts collide

Apparel Specific

Apparel printing is where we got our start and it will always hold a special place in our hearts.  We still print for a multitude of clients as well as assisting those who come to our artists for design work.  Here are a few things that make us different.


guaranteed quantities

Most shops have an “under run” clause where it’s ok to ship 2-5% short.  We deliver the exact number you ordered every time.  


no waterbase or discharge fees

Say goodbye to unnecessary fees.  $0.35 per color per location?  No thank you.  Waterbase and discharge inks are the same price as our soft hand block out printing!


free mockups

Need to see what the design will look like on the shirt before you can commit?  No problem, we’ll do free professional digital mockups for you.


order guidance and suggestions

We’ve been doing this for a long time.  Unlike other printers where you fill out a form and it spits out an order, we personally interact with you to get the best final product.


constant innovation

“Good enough” isn’t good enough.  We constantly strive to improve our product by regularly updating our equipment, testing new inks & garments, and training our staff.

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