Why Do I Have to Pay a Deposit?

We get asked about deposits for projects every once in a while, so we thought we would put this article together to explain why a deposit is charged and how it benefits you as a client just as much as it does us and the designer.

It Locks In the Project #

The world of design and creative IP is often volatile. Many people say they want to start something and when it comes time to put some of their own skin in the game they disappear. It is an unfortunate reality we are faced with and impacts our ability to blindly trust that people have the purest of intentions. With a deposit in hand, we block out time in the designer’s schedule so that your work is guaranteed to get done within the agreed upon time frame and won’t be affected by any other inquiry.

Everyone Stays Equally Invested #

We pride ourselves on being a part of your creative team, an extension of your own company in a way. But at the end of the day, we’re all people and we all need motivation. Without a deposit, a designer can lose focus or become disinterested in working on something. Similarly, without a deposit, clients aren’t as quick to reply and it isn’t as much of a priority because they don’t have anything invested yet. It is a simple psychological and financial tool to make sure that everyone involved keeps their eye on the prize to get the best possible work done in the quickest time.

It Helps Cover Any Costs #

Every project is different and so the requirements for us to complete each one is different. We may need to purchase a font, texture set, mockup, or any number of other items to deliver on your project. Deposits cover these costs ensuring that you are never on hold due for a cash flow problem.

There you have it, three simple reasons why a deposit is requested and why, unless otherwise agreed to, we do not accept or start projects without one.