Are You Accepting New Designers?

First of all, thank you kindly for your interest in being part of the family here at Atomsmasher. To even consider furthering your career with us is a compliment of the highest caliber.

The Balancing Act #

Unlike large agencies or representation companies, we are not looking to grow past the point of proper servicing. If the number of illustrators / designers is too high, we cannot invest the correct amount of time in working with each of you and helping you in a way that lives up to our standards. Part of the reason Atomsmasher was born was to create a nurturing environment for career growth and stability, whether you’re a large name or a small name. We don’t ever want that original vision to be compromised by a desire to chase money.

We Are Always Interested #

Our love of creativity and art in its many forms does have us leaning towards being open to accepting applications at any time. We always want to see who is creating what and if it is possible for us to work together. If that spark happens where a designer wants to be on our roster and we love their work it would be foolish for us to keep turn it down. That said we always keep the door open, just in case.

Reaching Capacity and Saying No #

As a designer, you know what happens when you take on too much work. Deadlines start getting missed, you have lots of “hey did you forget about me” emails, and the walls start to feel like they’re closing in on you. We are no different, accepting too many illustrators puts us in a position where people start to feel neglected or there is a “why did I agree to this” resentment that starts to well up which nobody wants. Sometimes saying no isn’t a rejection of you and your art but is more a preservation of the well being of the artists we already have. We hope that you don’t take it personally if it doesn’t work and that the door stays open for the future, in the event that a slot becomes available.