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Baylor University Christmas Cards

Baylor University Christmas Cards

Just because the state of Texas isn’t best known for being a winter wonderland doesn’t mean that Baylor University doesn’t have holiday spirit.  A whole set of cards created for them, we loved how their colors worked with the holiday.
Lil Wayne Concert Poster

Tillamook Tactile Design

Everything's better with cheese, right?  And when it comes to cheese, Tillamook is on a whole new level with their quality. Getting to work with them on National Cheddar Day was a super fun project!
Southern Living Magazine

Southern Living Too?!

Southern Living Magazine contacted us for an editorial illustration set for The South's National Parks. It was a great spread.
NHL Winter Classic Illustration

Play for the Logo on the Front

A snippet of a Sidney Crosby quote, but it's how we design. It's about you, not us. Oh, and we did this amazing piece for the NHL.
Yaki Noodles

Noodles Everywhere

Original signage and graphics created for this lively and bright noodle shop. The murals work so well in conjunction with the lanterns.

LA Times Editorial Art is Always Fun

A few of our artists are based in California and so we get tapped from time to time to do art for the LA Times. This Gift Guide was done by Roselly Monegro, a superb illustrator, letterer, and muralist!

The White Mamba Makes Cocktails

Boston Celtics own Brian Scalabrini AKA The White Mamba has played in the NBA, been on multiple forms of media (TV, Radio, Podcasting) and now has his own canned cocktail, a vodka lemonade.

Harley Davidson, Again?

Hey look, tough bikers like cool letters and they're just a lot of fun to work with. We've done a lot of designs for them over the years, here's a handful of them. Motorcycles and lettering is a match made in heaven.
What Makes America Great Calendar

With the Mouse and Everything.

Disney is always a fun client to work with, they've got interesting ideas, fantastic IP to pull from, and allow us to do what we do best.
Grantski Records

Because Record Stores Are Awesome

Fun fact, the founding fathers of Atomsmasher collectively own over 5000 vinyl records. Given the chance, we will always work with record stores. So fun.
Freddie's Root Beer

Because Root Beer, Obviously.

Owned by one of the largest liquor umbrella companies around the world (Sazerac), Freddie's Root Beer isn't alcoholic, but it is delicious. And it was a really fun project to work on from logo concepts all the way through to full packaging, custom font work, the whole package. Love these projects (and root beer).
Reclamation Recordings - Faith No More's Record Label

Sacred Rollerskate Supply

We don't just work with large companies.  We were approached by a young start up wanting branding for a rollerskate supply company. It came out beautiful, but we're biased.
Muckity Muck

Don't Let the Name Fool You

This isn't Muck, it's one of the limited edition collections from Orphan Barrel, a company that buys distilleries and creates boutique brands for the leftover barrels.
Pride and Prejudice Book Jacket

Please Judge by the Cover

I don't even want to read this book anymore, I just want to stare at the outside cover until my eyes won't stay open anymore. Such a beautiful assembly overall.
American Greetings Happy Halloween

Greeting Cards?  Yep, For Days and Days

Many of our artists have created greeting cards, working with Hallmark, American Greetings, and smaller custom brands. This was created for the fine folks at American Greetings by the ever talented Lisa Quine.
What Makes America Great Calendar

Look Past the Pizza.  I know, just ... Hear me Out, Ok?

We never look past pizza, but in this case, check out this great mural and mascot created by our food fighter Jeremy Richie for Hella Pie Co.
Grantski Records

A Handy Resource that's Beautiful to Look At

A guide to card games, Card Night. We completed a full external hard cover along with four full internal spreads for this "keep on hand" rainy day reader.
Southern Living Magazine

Jam Jar Wines

While we love branding, packaging, books, labels, and all the like, we also enjoy working on marketing pieces. This was part of a series for Jam Jar done by Jess Miller.
Southern Living Magazine

It Puts the Fun in Functional

Motion Graphics are an excellent way to display your logos in new exciting ways, adding both movement & life. Get ripped with Cartoon Network, we did.
Yaki Noodles

Paradox Vapour Liquid

Crazy dope packaging by our Brazilian bro Mr Borges. It brings victorian style lettering and classic imagry to the table in a lockup with modern technology.
American Greetings Happy Halloween

Art. It's Brutal.

We worked with the fantastic people over at We Are Royale on both the branding for Pentakill 2.0 building out logo concepts, shape languages, album art compositions, and more. We also took part in the ARG campaign including a cypher wheel with all custom glyphs, and multiple graphic images.

Hey! Disclaimer.

While we're very proud of everything that we create here at Atomsmasher, there's a lot of what we do that is blocked forever behind an iron curtain called a non-disclosure agreement. While we'd love to be able to show you everything we do, we're just not allowed to.  This is a lovely sampling of some of the great work we do here. We could go on and on forever (and will if you'd like), some of our favorite pieces will be forever buried in legaleze.