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The Company

Atomsmasher was born from a punk rock DIY mindset. After a decade of quantity over quality experience at other places,  it became clear that if we wanted the emphasis to be on intent and not invoices, we would need to build ourselves.  Don't get us wrong, invoices are important, but watching how quickly clients became an account number instead of a relationship had us running in the other direction. We all had experiences working with other agencies, freelancing ourselves, and "empire building" for others, through this we were able to create a high functioning system driven by the creatives in support of the creatives.

We hear you asking in your head "ok but why the name?" don't worry, we get this question a lot.

In particle physics, colliders (aka Atomsmashers) are used as a tool to take supercharged particles and slam them into each other.  It sounds like science fiction but using it they have discovered new and exciting things previously thought impossible. That is what we do here… but with art, not atoms (we aren't trying to blow up the world or anything). We combine the ideas of our clients with our creative direction & the finely tuned skills of our artist roster to create visually stunning pieces, disrupting markets and turning clients into crowd builders.
Your Agency's Agency
Large marketing and ad agencies are not our competition, in fact, we work with them hand in hand more often than not. We have been contracted by some of the biggest agencies in the world (JKR, Vault49, Royale, Big Safari, Cornett, 22Squared, Kickcharge, and Fan Brandz just to name a few) to provide creative for a campaign that their in-house talent couldn't handle.

This is work we love, getting the opportunity to work side by side with our fellow designers like some kind of pencil weilding Avengers dream team. It is through these collaborations that some of the best art is made, everyone feeds off of each other in a friendly kind of one-upsmanship.

Lets develop a plan to work together, hopefully there will be schematics, a diabolical plot, maybe a lair. Bond villian world takeover style.
Branding Services
Idendity Development
Branding Strategies
Brand Stories and Message
Propaganda Development
Illustration Services
Editorial Illustration
Packaging Design
Album or Movie Box Artwork
Digital Marketing Illustration
Type & Lettering Services
Custom Font Development
Hand Lettering & Calligraphy
Font Pairing
Typographic Design

Our Purpose

Atomsmasher exists to be a base of operations for creatives to focus on their talents, leaving behind the minutia of paperwork, contracts, chasing payments, and keeping projects on track. When artists are afforded the opportunity to have their sole focus be exploring the "ask" of a client and we cultivate the relationships with a focus on collaboration, the possibilities are endless.
We have made it 6 days since our last OSHA violation, and most of us work from home!