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It's Kind of Like That.

When you’re working with a client on your own, it’s a lot like only having Godzilla on one side pushing the building.  If you don’t have someone pushing back for you, eventually the building is just going to topple over.  We are your giant robot pushing back on the other side.  It still remains a little give and take, of course, but we’re not going to let you fall!

But why Atomsmasher, you know, aside from the really cool name and the fact that we’re awesome. We have your best interests at heart. This isn’t just a nice catch phrase we spit out to get your attention and lure people in, we don’t buy into the smoke and mirrors methodology of business. We would rather lay it out for you up front.  

We want you to know who we are and what we are about rather than to just buy into the idea of representation.

Here is Where We Come In


Our main goal is to help you better manage the inquiries you have. But we do work our network of contacts and your target market to try to help you acquire new projects.

Compound Contacts

As a lone wolf designer, you are limited to your inquiries and contacts. Combining all of our contacts allows us to get the most impact possible for outreach.


Docs on docs on docs. From collecting deposits and writing proposals to chasing payments and getting your finances in order, we've got you covered.

Jet Flyin', Wheelin' Dealin'

Ok, so we may not be the Nature Boy Ric Flair but... we do provide support for international inquiries where some agencies don't. No need for multiple representation!

Project Management

Some people promise project management, others deliver. We are the latter and take great pride in the operational system we've developed. This is the heart of our service.


Projects may take numerous emails back and forth to get setup, probably a few phone calls, but one thing is for sure, lots of misused time. Focus on what pays the bills.

Support Network

The life of a freelance artist is often a secluded one, sometimes by design and sometimes not. We are a family here, let's work together!


Piling on job after job without proper scheduling will either lead to burning yourself out or disappointing clients, neither is a good thing. Keeping a bigger cut means more free time.

We'll Be the Bad Guy

Is the client is out of scope? Are they wanting to rush but not wanting to pay extra? We handle the tough talks and corral everything back on track, preferably with positivity.

Dollars and Sense

We run a very tight ship for representation which allows us to keep overhead low. Instead of capturing the additional revenue we release it back to you. The agency split at Atomsmasher is a flat 15% across the board unless we both feel the project is big enough that there’s more to go around.  The chart below shows you how much of a $5,000 project you’ll keep.

Atomsmasher - $4,250
"Budget" Representation - $3,750
Most Agencies - $3,500

In the vast majority of representation opportunities, you would make $750 less on a $5,000 project than you would working with Atomsmasher. We aren’t trying to setup the next multimedia empire at your expense, you’re doing the work, you keep the bulk of the money. It’s really pretty simple when you think about it. Give people honesty, a supportive and inviting atmosphere, make good on your word, and don’t be greedy. The components to crafting a long lasting business relationship are the same social structures we were taught in elementary school.

The Order of Things

We provide you with the structure and support to be successful. Our system was crafted over the course of five months, intensively digging into multiple platforms, trying to find the best flow before we ever invited a single artist. Our proposals offer multiple options for licensing, the ability to adjust deliverables, etc. to allow the client an opportunity to fine tune the quote to their budget, cutting down on back and forth. That flows into our invoicing software for deposits, which also links to our production boards. Automating some back end tasks frees us up to do more for you and have one on one chats to find out what you’re struggling with, what your target markets are and how to get you in front of them.

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